Friday, February 29, 2008

Anna : The dishes are done man!

Training project is OVER!!!! About 170 people from ICT booked into and attended the 3.5 hour training course over 17 days. In the end we had only 4 training manuals left so it was lucky that more people didn't attend. Next week I'm helping out on other projects and then the week after that I'm getting all four wisdom teeth removed and will be sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself.

Does anyone else remember when this trailer was on the beginning of _every_ movie you rented from the video shop?

And speaking of trailers the guy who made "The Cell" + Don Draper from Mad Men + Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies = SHINEY SHINEY


Jaime said...

Grats on the training project.

Yes, I also remember it being on the loop tape at the video store and hearing/seeing it ever 15 minutes and being able to quote it word for word.

Also it mentions Spike Jonze is involved in the film, it looks a little like Pan's Labyrinth. And now I want to see it.

David said...

Sigh.... that just looks so darn dreamy! Finally a movie to tempt me back into the cinema!

The High Priestess said...

Ow! Why are you having all your wisdom teeth removed? I don't think it is an ideal start to the autum season. :-(