Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dan - Longweekendtastic!

After the Easter long weekend I was a bit worn out, and decided to have another one. Starting today. Admittedly, it's also because of the horrors of school holidays this year (there's no vacation care for preschoolers, but also no spaces in childcare, so we have nowhere to send Superguy Dragon, which means Jen and I have to do a lot of staying at home, and grandmothers and Aunties are being conscripted en masse to look after him). Should be a bit easier next year, when he can go to vacation care, but I'm expecting to burn through a lot of leave this year.

It was an interesting work week, though, fitting a week's work into two days.

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A Sydney Foodie said...

I chose to have the long weekend (reprise) at the same time. It was nice. Your other comments apply too.