Monday, May 19, 2008

Becstarr : Roadtrip to the Capital

Went on a roadtrip to Canberra this weekend with Karinne and J to see the Monet-Turner exhibition. We stayed in a youth hostel in Civic with a crazy empty-nester lady who kept on waking up to eat VERY CRUNCHY chips in the middle of the night. On Sunday we went to the fantastic National Museum and I'm looking forward to a few more visits!

Two thumbs up!


Krin said...

It was a fun trip.

Not only did crazy lady wake B&J up with chip crunching, she also, the next morning while getting ready to go out woke her top bunk-mate (me) by continually shifting around on the bed and rocking the entire edifice.

When I asked her what the time was, the response was "I don't know, sometime after 7??"

For poor me who had gone to sleep at 3.30am that was too early. Way too early

Oh well, the joys of hostels, and people who don't realise that sleep is precious and maybe they are disturbing others...

Karinne (yes, hi! I've de-lurked)

Kiska said...

I gave up on shared accom dorms after 1st year uni. One experience was enough - yoga in dorm room with tash Verco followed by Hare Krishnas.