Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anna : Done myself a harm

Oh noes! All the good luck that has been coming my way for the last month or so has finally been evened out, last night at boxing I felt a "pop" and it turns out I've got "Tennis Leg". I've torn some of the fibers in my left calf and can't walk. Have been to the physio and it's not too serious and I should be able to walk unaided in 10 days or so. TO THE COUCH!


Evelyn said...

you poor thing, that's awful.

Just make sure you use the time wisely (sitting still, watching indulgant tv/film, eating all the food you want, making Guy fetch you everthing you want ...)

Hoping you heal quickly.

falsedan said...

anna you softie, kick it paul-style and train on one leg

alternatively: rest ice compression elevation OK