Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben - Exhausted

I had 5000 words worth of assignments due this week, which I just finished. Not one 5000 word assignment, that would be too easy, no, two 1500 wd essays and two 1000 wd. There is now just one short online German quiz between myself and some well-earned beer.

If I learned nothing else, I learned that that I hate referencing. Fortunately, when actually working as a primary teacher, you can steal all the ideas you want and nobody cares.

I also cooked up some homemade marscapone on Tuesday. It's very nice, and surprisingly easy to make.


Krin said...

Agreed. Referencing, the bane of my academic existence. The 1500 wd assignment due today could have been written in 4 hours but for those reference requirements. At least I don't have to reference at work either.

YL said...

Harvard referencing is the best thing invented. However, every single journal in existence has a different referencing system ... GAH

shoshe said...

I swear by LaTeX (with BibTeX for referencing/bibliography).