Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a Week in London

Took the train a week ago to London. Stayed with David in a lovely apartment at Canary Wharf and got to meet up with Jo, V and FD - but never FD's imaginary girlfriend, strange that :) Managed to see the Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum (queued from 8:30 to get tickets), Vortex (Noel Coward play staring Felicity Kendell) and the Tutankhamen exhibition at the 02 (what used to be called the Millennium Dome, then why did we build that?).


Dave said...

Evelyn, if it helps I have photos of FD's girlfriend, but you have to look at them funny because she seem to only appear in every 3rd shot

falsedan said...

hey look I shouldn't have told her about the WoW dicussion(s)

man you and Jo and V sure did talk about WoW a lot

Evelyn said...

Dave - are you sure she really appears in the photos, or did FD manage to get you to hallucinate too?

FD - its called everyone ganging up on Evelyn to make her play the part no one else wants to.

falsedan said...

Evelyn I still think a good name for a Tauran healer is Bodacious or BoJ13