Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Becstarr : Holidays and a haircut

Had an SDO on Friday and went for a haircut with Anna at Furr. Like most haircuts, it took some getting used to (to be honest, I was coveting the Annazon Funk Factor, with her asymmetric Irish cut!), but it's settling in well now. :)

Picnicked in the park with Karinne for Australia Day, rested on Monday, and went out to spend the evening with Jj and Mum on Tuesday. Jess is into her final week with us now, so it's all farewell drinks and last family gatherings!


Evelyn said...

photos, please!

Yen Li said...

Hair looks quite beautiful bec. =) Love the colour. yes I know you did it yourself but I've always had envy for your gorgeous red hair.