Monday, January 28, 2008

YL - Lock your car doors!

Waiting at a red light to turn at Cleveland & Abercrombie St at 1.15am today, random man comes up to my brother's passenger front door - opens it and attempts to grab whatever was in the seat. Had my large woolen shawl over my handbag. I was shocked, grabbed my things back, looked him right in the face and swore "you fucker" vehemently at him. Fortunately for me, he ran away. No weapons, no threatening words.

I've made a police report. Fingerprints to be taken later/Tue. If they catch they guy, I can probably ID him. *swears*

So Lock Your Car Doors When Driving and keep valuables safe. Try not to drive with windows down, handbags in easy reach on passenger seats.

This could have been ugly. Children might have been hurt/traumatised. I heard of this kind of thing happening before but first time it's happened to me. So just be careful out there guys.


Shanathalas said...

Yikes, that's pretty scary. That's the same thing that happened to Kirsten a couple years ago at Glebe Pt. & Broadway.

Glad they didn't get anything.

David said...

See - this is why I am waiting on 2012 to roll around. According to Shadowrun I get to drive around in an armoured limo with a troll bodyguard armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry...

Glad to hear it turned out OK YL.

Jen said...

Yikes - sorry to hear about this! Glad nothing too bad happened, though.

Our old neighbour on Vine St actually had her passenger window smashed at the next intersection up (Cleveland and Regent). Cut her hand (she also instinctively grabbed for her stuff) and scared the willies out of her. Her 8 month old daughter was strapped in at the back, too.

'Tis a bad area.

The High Priestess said...

Ouchy drama. Lucky you didn't get hurt!
Even with locking car doors and rolling windows up, some people are still willing to smash the window in just for the shock factor/chance to grab stuff.

I end up just not taking the roads around that area past sunset. (Also near waterloo oval is bad) Bag under drivers seat as well.

Yen Li said...

Thanks everyone. I'm ok. Will probably be paranoid now but really paranoid is just "normal" for Sydney. gah!

I never realised things were "bad" out there but uh this is what happens when you spend you time in a hospital, or in your apartment and never go out *chuckle* I have learned some stuff today.

David, think we can fast forward to the future?

Ben said...

Crap! How awful! Good thing you're alright.