Monday, February 4, 2008

YL - It went boom. And now I'm sitting in a computer lab.

Sitting in the UTS computer lab reminds me of the old days when we worked in Fisher/Carslaw/Engineering.

1am - Loud explosion sound that shook the whole building I live in. And you know how big the building is.

Turns out, a gas pipe/something exploded destroying the whole bottom floor of the section on the opposite side from my lift lobby across the courtyard. Glass had shattered everywhere. Everyone ran out from the whole U shaped building. There was at least 1 injured bleeding person. I assessed that he was not in immediate danger and rang the ambos. Fortunately police & fireys had already turned up.

Magical chaos.

Now I'm hiding out in UTS in my PJs. Apparently fierys may not be letting us back in until the morning. It's 2.15am now. I still have to go into work.

Will my home be there in a few hours? Hmmm.


bez said...

Wow. Glad you're OK, Yen Li.

Apparently it was Nando's that exploded.

The High Priestess said...

Ouch! I heard the news on the radio this morning, and thought "uh, oh, is that Yen Li's building?". Good to hear you are okay.

falsedan said...

what the hell, magical chaos indeed

also were these bunnie pyjamas? ^_^

Yen Li said...

Yup I'm ok. My brother and I snuck back in and stole some clothes and the car and ran away again. The police kept us locked out till just a little while ago where only people on my side of the building get to go home.

I am really grateful I dont live on the other side of the building. I am really grateful my Mom believes in buying on a high floor.

Yeah it was definitely Nando's that exploded Bez. It exploded through 2 walls of concrete onto our side of the building, then sideways 3 shops either side and 2 floors upwards of units. It was massive.

Police have that whole side cordoned off.

I'm just glad I can come back home now.

p/s : Dan they were turquoise care bear "Check ya later Boy" pjs and shorts. Lol.

Yen Li said...

oh and thank god we can come home too. my parents are coming for Chinese New Year on Wed morning.

And my brother just made a bad joke ... he said "hey we welcomed Chinese New Year with a bang!" he's sleep deprived. ignore him.

Man what a week!

becstarr said...

Crazy! Glad to hear you got back in, and of course you're always welcome to come and stay at mine the next time you're on fire / exploded; just text me!