Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dan: Torrential!

In the space of 24 hours yesterday and today, we've dealt with:
  • 2 poos in the bath (yesterday and today's bath)
  • 1 huge vomit on the carpet at the top of the stairs
  • 1 bucket of vomity water accidentally kicked down the stairs onto all the stuff that's under the stairs (by a certain father (who we won't name) of the above vomity child, after we'd cleaned up)
  • 1 nappy that leaked poo out both sides
  • 1 pair of wet pants and undies
Have kids, everybody! They're delightful!


Shanathalas said...

Gee, can't wait!

Evelyn said...

I propose that we have a ban on all further poo talk

becstarr said...

Yeah Dan, I admit that post gave me second thoughts on the whole idea of offspring... :)