Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kit: Zilch for Greenie credits

Had a bit of brain idiocy last night. I thought: "Oh, I have a meeting in town tomorrow at 9am and 2pm-5pm. I know, I'll get a pool car and drive in. "

I awoke at 6am (having missed my 530 alarm), and thought: "What!? Why am I driving in? I should have taken the train, and then I could have slept in, *and* been able to snooze on the train, *and* not have to dance with peak hour traffic. "

1.5 hours later... I finally get into town (generally a 50min non-peak-hour journey).


Yen Li said...

Petrol is getting ridiculously expensive! But public transport is still no better.

Traffic is one reason I am not looking forward to coming back to Sydney. Blargh argh! It takes 10min in non-rush traffic for me to drive to work at 7.45am here in Coffs!

falsedan said...

yenli become a country docktor plz OK