Friday, June 27, 2008

Ben - Skool Egen

Student: How do I make blue?
Me: ...Blue.
Student: *sigh* Blue and what else?
Me: ...No, seriously: blue.

Me: ...and so the platypus made Tiddilick laugh, and all the waters came pouring back out...
Student: Did the animals drink the water?
Me: They sure did.
Student: Ew, yuk! They'll get frog germs!

Me: Who knows what this word is?
Student: (gasps) But that's illegal!
Me: Uh, no, this is the other kind of pot. You know, the sort you cook food in.


YL said...

Your follow up response to Example could read like this ...

"Well see there are 3 primary colours - red, blue and yellow. If you have different mixes of these 3 colours, you can get every colour in the rainbow".

Student : What's a rainbow?

And then you're stumped again of course ............

Ben said...

Oh, yes; that's exactly what I should have said, had it been a proper art lesson. As it was, we were putting together those little paper hand dealies for a NAIDOC celebration, and there were about five hundred things happening at once. So I had to leave it until the next art lesson, which will be Wednesday.

In fact, thanks for reminding me!