Thursday, June 19, 2008

YL - question/advice

Would you go out/spend time with someone who didn't want a romantic relationship but thought you were great, awesome and intellectually stimulating?

Wouldn't doing that interfere with your allocation of time/resources for other things which contributed to your life goals? Wouldn't that also interfere with you meeting someone else actually suitable cos you're always spending time with this one guy?

I'm puzzled. My reflex answer is clear. But I am questioning it.


falsedan said...

tell this dude to put out or get out

… if I am reading this correctly

becstarr said...


It sounds like what you're describing is a friendship. Yes, friendships can get in the way of meeting people, but so can not having friends, or being overly task-oriented in the "business" side of meeting people.

It depends on the type of friendship, really. If it's more on the exclusive or clingy side, it probably is a good idea to make sure you're putting time into meeting other people. If it's someone with whom you can easily go out and meet other people, no probs!

Hope I'm not being too simplistic here. The sun may have washed some of the sense out of my head... temporarily I hope!

shoshe said...

Friends are good! :) And it can be worthwhile to not only see every guy as a potential partner (reflex though that may be).

Krin said...

I agree with Bec, friends are good, and you can meet other very interesting people through them (you guys for instance!) OR simply enjoy spending time being intellectually stimulated.

However, if YOU are going to be pining over this person in any way that is going to affect your happiness then best to not spend time with them. If that's not an issue, then hang out, have fun, it's one of the best parts of life.

YL said...

Aww guys. Thanks for making such detailed and helpful comments. I'm sorted now.

When I posted this comment, I was feeling uneasy as I felt like I was doing something wrong, or perhaps was not seeing the forest for the trees or something.

After some discussion, it sounded like this would require more out of me than I would get back - much like what Bec was suggesting. Sure sure intellectual discussion is great but I'm just fine on my own at present. =) Plus I have you guys! *tap tap* you have brains!

I suppose my most recent attitude to things is "no time wasters"! (I'm getting to be like Bernard). And that extends to work as well.

Thanks guys!