Friday, July 11, 2008

Anna : Boorowa

G and I are taking a mini break from Sydney to avoid Catholics. Didn't work. Swarmed by World Youth Day pilgrims as we tried to leave Golburn.

Nights are being spent huddled in front of the heater listening to the sheep. I am informed this is "relaxing".


Jaime said...

Heh its funny you should mention this, I was reading a friends blog in Germany and he had this to say.

YL said...

They are everywhere .... *shudder* Thank god I'm leaving on Tue am.

Krin said...

As I have an overseas visitor at the moment, we've been hanging out in the CBD quite a bit. I must admit I didn't really noticed an increase in density of people on the weekend. Definite increase in nuns*, although they are easy to spot. Various groups of youth wandering around, with a responsible adult, but every year you get school groups visiting or groups of Korean/japanese/chinese/taiwanese tourists, so no difference there.

Perhaps this reduced density is because they are all in Goulburn? Or at least visiting other parts of Australia before the major event this week? I'll not be noticing that, as we're off to POrt Douglas first thing tomorrow morning. I look forward to the reports from the frontline in Newtown.

*Many of the nuns I've seen are certainly not Youth, and seem to be visiting from various parts of the globe, including the USA and India. I am curious as to why groups of nuns older than 35 would be funded to visit Catholic World YOUTH day.