Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Womens comedy?

A friend of a friend was performing at the Stand on Sunday and so was able to let a few people in at the door, and I won tickets to tonights women comedy night. So yay to more female comics performing, a hmmm to the idea of a special womens night.


falsedan said...

womens comedy HA HA HA

… actually I have a soft spot for Fiona O'Loughlin, her routines remind me of the neighbours standing and chatting in the doorway outside my window and my Aunt's sense of humour

also the first comic we saw last year was pretty spectacular!

Evelyn said...

Well, unfortunately it wasn't particularly good. The MC was great, and so was the headline act, but the three preceding comics weren't particularly good.

Fortunately only one really relied on the clich├ęd bitter woman shtick so the bad comic ratio wasn't really anything out of the ordinary for a normal night.

But I'm possibly over stand-up for a while - need to get some tolerance up again for the festival!