Monday, August 4, 2008

Dan - routine catastrophes

Last weekend was one of those weekends where each of the kids had a turn being not well. First was Atty, who had a convulsion on Saturday afternoon - he was out in the back yard while we were out the front, so we only discovered him afterwards. He was OK, but we're going to have to go and get the poor little guy an EEG to diagnose it.

Next up was Elora. We went out for Yum Cha on Sunday morning, and everyone was having a nice time, until she fell off her high chair while performing some daft antics while everyone was busy getting ready to leave, landed flat on her back, and winded herself. Jen quickly picked her up, and she promptly threw up (luckily, mostly on the floor, narrowly missing the people at the next table).

Last was Dante, who felt really ill while doing his homework (and was met with much parental suspicion, especially when he miraculously felt better when playing ball with Atticus, and felt ill again when instructed to sit down and finish his homework). After he went to bed he felt really ill (and seemed actually unwell), so we got the bucket ready, and settled him back down to bed. He turned out to be OK.

Apart from all that, it was actually quite a pleasant weekend, the kids were delightful and well-behaved, and we got mountains of washing and tidying done.

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YL said...

Sorry to hear Atti is having convulsions. That is not fun. *hugs*

But glad that washing and tidying got done!

Go Lego!