Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EC - Jaime's the Cyclon!?!

Recently picked up the Battlestar Galactica boardgame and have trying to rustle up a crew of 6 and the time to give it a run.

Finally happened last night and after a bribe of myself providing dinner for all.

Game was fun though long (~4 hours), with a bit of the Werewolf-esque mechanic that runs in Shadows Over Camelot but can be more influential. Basically took until the final run to the end of the game for the Cylons to be revealed even though the humans were pretty much screwed from very early on in the game. Much finger pointing and recriminations had Anna reveal herself before firing off the final nuke that took out the humans.

I was fortunate to reveal myself as the 'dirty skin job' just in time to the mostly unsuspecting humans, laughing all the way to the resurrection ship.


vohumanu said...

It was good. Nobody was more surprised than I that I was still interested and involved 4 hours in.

Although I really felt that the writing was on the wall at about hour 3.

It's still hard to believe that Baltar's not a Cylon (it was Adama and Starbuck).

bez said...

I've played it three times now, with the humans going down hard every time. (I suspect there may be some rule problems - it has a seriously confusing rulebook.)

Jaime said...

That better not be a dig at me or I'll give someone else the werewolf curse.

Shanathalas said...

Lynch him!!!

vohumanu said...

hey yeah! despite all evidence it is now apparent to me that Jaime is the werewolf. get im!

Jaime said...

That's it, Guy I play "Werewolf curse" on you. From this day onward, you are the werewolf/traitor until you give the curse to someone else. No backsies.