Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David - Fate is a Capricious Thing...

So, I found out today that LIU would like me to hang around New York for another 3 years. We are now starting negotiations as to what terms and conditions I require in order to spend another 3 years in the insanity that is the US of A.

At the same time I found out that Mutant Chronicles, the movie, (go to to see the trailer) comes out on my birthday. 24 April. Sure it is cheesy, but how can I not go and see it? Its the first role playing game that I ever bought... for those who know the place, I picked it up after high school one day in that weird little Tin Soldier store in Liverpool. I think I then ran a really, really crappy game for Guy, Horns, Crans and Ferris one afternoon. Or as I like to think of it, the game that convinced me I am better of being a less imaginative wargamer!


MrE said...

Huh. They're actually doing a cinematic release for this?

Saw it a little while ago via... umm... means. It's ok I guess.

The SFX for the mutants is very bland and uses a lot of the Sin City desturate/over saturate colur sheme. A lot of the film is picking out all the people doing this film for the paycheck.

Jaime said...

I too was excited for this movie after seeing the cast and being a fan of MC and then I saw it via ... well I guess I saw it by the same means that Euge did.

I thought the cinematic release had already happened in North America.

It was ok, but you could see the budget was low with all the sets being CGI and not really that well done. Worth it maybe for $2.