Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YL - omg

Somehow between the madness of being sucked into work and being lured into the goal of "building a career" ... I actually forgot about this blog. Physically forgot. Amazing. Lol. I only just remembered.

Gads what is happening to my brain. It's been like 3 months since Guy & Joe's birthday thing. Damn!

So in 2 weeks I will be a fully licensed doctor.One of my Emergency department bosses was trying to recruit me for the specialty last month. Life is full of work and boxes. Oh the boxes! It hurts. I've donated and chucked a lot of stuff though. Up shot, the new sofa is really comfortable and my place is starting to look like I live here from time to time. Grandma turned 80 & had a great party. I kind of miss home. Oh and as Kim knows, my Fall Out Boy madness was fully released and momentarily exorcised. I went to my first rock concert/s!

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