Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ben - Feelin' good

Okay - It's an hour and a half before the deadline of an assignment. Weeks of work. 40% of overall mark. Suddenly, I can't access files on the network drive, and so I can't get to my

So naturally, I go and complain to the helpdesk person. No joy.

"God damned university computer helpdesk monkeys!" I muttered. "Why are they never any help?

"Wait a second! I'm a useless damned helpdesk monkey! I can do it myself!"

So I fixed it, and now it's printed out and ready to hand in. Also, I helped a couple of other people with the same problem.

So, returning to the post title, I'm feelin' good.


falsedan said...

Good job Ben. Can you tell me if this youtube harmonises with your mood:

YL said...