Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shoshe - Google frustration

Trying to find information on how to plot a MiniTES (miniature thermal emission spectrometer) spectrum using the Davinci tool/environment/interpreted language. When you type "minites", Google assumes you meant "minutes". "davinci plot" is clearly of no use.


Tancred said...

You science guys just need to change your terminology. If I google 802.1x config guide google knows exactly what I need.

Might I suggest as you seem to do cool stuff in space your field of science starts using letter CSiS and then a bunch of numbers and even the person who invited it.

So MiniTES can become CSiS-101-name

Problem solved :) You just need to get everyone to start using it.

shoshe said...

I just want to know who names their code "Davinci"!