Sunday, August 30, 2009

YL - Potion.

Wanted : 1 Potion of Un-weariness.
Anyone got a recipe?

Also thanks to Dante, I have a great understanding of the game of Bakugun & was able to indoctrinate another little boy into the game today! lol.


Danzilla said...

Re: the Unweariness potion - my current recipe is: make 1 cup, coffee. Add 2 teaspoons, instant coffee.

Re: Bakugan - that's old new now. Huntik is this season's Bakugan/Pokemon/Thomas/Wiggles. Good thing about Huntik is that it's obscure, and there's hardly any overpriced toys that have to be bought.

Jen said...

Huntik's main character also has a familiar name: Dante Vale. Funnily enough, though, the boy chooses to be a different character when they "play Huntik", whatever that involves.

A Sydney Foodie said...

Unweariness Potion: Women's Health magazine (I think it was July 2009 issue), had a list of the top 10 emotions which are a magic potion (I think for unweariness and self confidence). Essentially, don't dwell on bad things and negative thoughts, because they keep reinforcing bad stuff, and focus on the pollyanna syndrome - find inspiration/joy/awe etc in small everyday things. A bit simplistic I know, but stilll worthwhile.

Can't find the online link, but try these: