Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kit: minor bokashi incident

I had a minor bokashi box incident in my car yesterday whilst hooning around a corner too quickly. The smell, to put it politely, is a bit like vomit, and a bit like horse poo.
I had to retreat to the shopping centre, two washes with bathroom soap didn't help, so I tried one of those odour neutralising ones from the supermarket (three washes so far).
I feel a bit like Macbeth, because I've scrubbed and scrubbed, yet "Will these hands ne're be clean?"


shoshe said...

That sounds nasty!

There's this stuff called Nature's Miracle that does a good job of cleaning dog urine out of carpet. Maybe it'd help your car?

becstarr said...

Huh... yeah, we used to use that stuff when our cat had an accident on the carpet. Def worth a try.

The other thing which might be good is vanilla essence diluted in water, singed onto the area. Mum uses this to wipe down the inside of stinky fridges. It helps a surprising amount for something that seems to smell so delicate.

YL said...

Vanilla sounds like a good suggestion. I love the idea of bokashi boxes though!