Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jen - students are back

Today I was horrified to find that the new student cards double up as VISA debit cards.


K said...

That is horrifying. Hooray for the freedom that voluntary student unionism brings.

Why do people never think through the implications of a policy decision and the perverse outcomes that can occur.

Tancred said...

Rubbish. Why should students be forced to pay $100's of dollars to sports clubs just to pay for sports they never had anything to do with.

The real problem is the Sydney Uni Union and it's money hungry policies. Remember when manning was rebuilt? The 2 options at the time we rebuild or build new fire stairs. The students wanted new fire stairs. The non student, bonus earning managers pulled the building down. This is the same Union that when questioned about the stupidly high costs to hire certain building said their plan was to get enough money in the bank to be able to operate without students.

Unless there have been major contract changes since I left usyd every union retail manager is on a bonus system. Even before VSU the union prices were, at times, higher than coles and the out of term services were rubbish given the vast amounts of money students are charged.

Tancred said...

Another interesting point about VSU is a number of the politicans who strongly pushed for it attended Sydney Uni. I wonder if that influenced their feelings at all/