Monday, January 28, 2008

Dan - long long weekend, and birthday antics

Took friday off to round out a 4 day long weekend. Went out on Saturday night to see Billy Bragg (We went out! Me and Jen! All by ourselves!). The kids were looked after by Bec, my ma, and Jen's ma. Sunday morning was tennis (and at one point we all panicked as we realized Atty and Lori had gone missing - they'd let themselves out of the gate, and walked down to tennis by themselves. Those two specialize in mischief). Sunday afternoon was Atty's birthday, with all the uncles and aunties and cousins over to celebrate. Much food was eaten, and the kids had lots of fun in the pool. Today is a Quiet Day for us all, in preparation for the full week ahead. It's mid-afternoon, and only Dante and I are awake. The rest of the week will have us all at childcare, school, and work.

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