Monday, January 28, 2008

David - Yeap. Thats' some weather right there...

Still in New Hampshire. Snowing all day so we have an additional 2 feet of snow on the ground. Today is my 22nd consecutive day in the office working. Political warfare all over the shop.

So you can imagine that I am one Very. Happy. Vegemite.

On the plus side - new episode of The Wire tonight. More than a little disturbing that this episode and last Sundays' Patriots game (grid iron) have been the highlight of my week. I so very need to get out of here.

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shoshe said...

You should come visit us! It actually broke freezing today. Woke up to freezing-rain -- the first precipitation we've had in days. Well, other than flurries pretty much every day, with no real accumulation.

B was disturbed by how our snow sublimed last week.