Friday, February 8, 2008

Anna : I left high school right?

I went for a swim yesterday at Noel Martin. While I was treading water at the deep end about to head off for a another lap I hear a small voice say "Excuse me ..." and turn and see there's a 10 or 11 year old girl hanging on the lane rope next to me.

Girl : "Do you go to Sceggs?"
Anna : "Sorry?!?"
Girl : "Do you go to Sceggs Darlinghurst?"
Anna : "Um no, I really don't ..."
Girl : "Cause you look like someone who goes there ..."
Anna : "Nope, that's not me"

Does high school really never end?


falsedan said...

Anna FYI in London there is no high school

I am in London BTW

anna said...


Yen Li said...

Gosh you look really young Anna! woooot!!

falsedan said...

what's that anna may I see your hall pass, do you have permission to be out of class