Saturday, February 9, 2008

David - Insert Something Witty Here

Sill in New Hampshire. Have spent the entire week battling rampant insanity, my only weapons being logic and the unholy power of a pissed off COO. The next politician I meet wot says private companies are more efficient is getting a punch in the face.

Expecting worse next week now that the enemy has figured out I am serious. Which of course means that we will go back to playing "you don't need to know that" games. On the plus side I am so pissed off right now that I have broken through to the other side and am capable of maintaining rational thought - relatively speaking.

In other news I am exhausted and may be going to London on Tuesday. For 2 days. Sorry Fasledan - maybe we can catch up at the end of Feb when I am over for more than 2 days.


falsedan said...

Red logic

Tha is ok petto, the Spaniard's Inn, a kickarse 16th century pub next to Hampstead Heath, is closed for the next week anyway.

Yen Li said...

But you love London ........