Friday, February 8, 2008

Shoshe - Car! and snow

We got my car back this afternoon! It's been in the shop since the end of November. I do not recommend the body shop we used, but the insurance people (not the national free-call people, but the people down the road from my parents who we've been with at least since I got my licence) kicked some body shop arse in the end (I have a new fender! It replaces the one that the body shop scraped up).

It's been above freezing for days now, and our snow actually disappeared (almost completely and by melting, instead of slowly and through sublimation). But it was back below freezing today and it snowed all day, so it's okay. Except that my right snowboot seems to have a leak.

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Yen Li said...

Yay I got my car fixed too. It's nice eh? =)