Saturday, February 2, 2008

YL - meeting people & gym

Like Evelyn, I've rejoined the gym. Managed to fanagle some deal which suits so yay. John at Noel Martin rocks. Went to Pump today. Dave was his usual energetic self! I'm not up to doing 2 classes back to back like the old days. Ugh. Achey.

Orbit Lounge, lvl 47, Australia Square = rotates + awesome view. Glad I went to the "welcoming interns to Westmead" drinks thing. Re-met some people from orientation. Rubbed shoulders & tried to find out means to further my future career. Met some fun people. Turns out, Westmead doctors know how to party. So drinks over, went to Jacksons on George for dancing lol. New experiences I must say. Stayed out till 5am. Hmm.

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