Tuesday, July 22, 2008

YL - busy weeks

Last week, wore dresses & boots resulting in so many compliments from different people I was surprised. I think it was the boots. Really. I even made a joke with my boss. She jokingly said "you're not working fast enough". I said with as straight a face as possible, "Sorry (Boss), these boots are made for walking". Lol.

I actually work very fast & get jobs done quickly but there's a running joke now about how I'm not working fast enough & will now need a push-scooter or rollerskates to work faster. I'm now waiting for the ward to get me one when I leave. =)

Went surfing on weekend, sustained surfing related injuries, slept in, walked on beaches, watched "Surf's Up" and all I want to do is catch the next wave ... and marvelled at the wonder that is the world. This week working overtime Tue & Wed till 1030pm, then if still awake, going to karaoke with ED people, Thur dinner with the medical registrars that are changing terms, Fri probably overtime and then weekend! surfing + fishing + maybe canoeing this time! Next weekend, Gold Coast with the girls!

Oh and the violin is going beautifully at the moment. Even played on the wards for people/patient's birthday ...

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