Saturday, February 7, 2009

Becstarr : A super-productive Caturday!

Joel's gone sailing for the weekend and left to my own devices in the house, I have surprised myself by having a super-productive start to the weekend!

I have not only but also: swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors; done three loads of washing including a backpack, sports shoes and the shower curtain; used the final rinse grey-water from each wash on the lawn; sourced and fitted water aerators to the kitchen & bathroom taps; cleared several GB of space on J's laptop; met Karinne for a catch-up date over chocolate and churros in Glebe; and done a massive fruit & veg shops at the wonderful Harris Farm.



Jaime said...

Bec, you are way to productive, Saturday has only just started here. Would you mind if I siphoned some of that productivity to use over here?

A Sydney Foodie said...

Aw man, I need someone like you. :-)