Wednesday, May 13, 2009

YL - new Star Trek movie

No surprise but I did love it in all it's bright shininess. =)


shoshe said...

I was surprised -- I thought it would suck, but I really enjoyed it. We went in a huge group of space scientists and engineers. A few of my friends know the woman who was the science consultant -- she's in charge of one of the Cassini instruments, which is probably why the Saturn images at the end were so spectacular. One of my (Cassini) friends noticed that Titan was in the wrong plane though.

Danzilla said...

I was very happy with it. Given the quality of the previous Trek movies, thise one was a lot of fun, and based on scientific premises no stupider than the others. Though, yeah, I did thing Titan's orbit looked a little off, and was concerned about the "magnetic field generated by Saturn's rings".

YL said...

Lol =) I was too excited about the shiny-ness of the whole movie to notice that Titan was in the wrong plane Shoshe! =)

Dan - glad you thought so =) Heh compared to the others, this one was on par and quite a bit shinier.

Ok I know there is an overuse of the word shiny here but it was shiny! =)

But damn the new Spock is hot.

A Sydney Foodie said...

I was surpsied to find that I enjoyed it as well. I didn't even bother going and seeing the last one. A bit cliched with Kirk being a rebel without a cause though!